Walid Assal

My father gave me my first camera when I was 5. Unlike many professional photographers it did not inspire me in any fundamental way. It took me another 25 years to discover the amazing possibilities of DSLR photography and yet another decade of extensive practice before I made it my full-time profession.


I am an INSEAD MBA graduate with 15 years of well-rounded strategic marketing experience. I mastered brand building and marketing communication fundamentals with a global advertising agency during my early career years with Publicis. I developed practical skills for effective cross-functional collaboration within the demanding and highly dynamic virtual global network of Microsoft.  Then at Ernst & Young I honed my leadership skills and strategic thinking while transforming their regional marketing function.


With 25 years of combined experience in marketing and photography I like to think of myself as mature. Yet when I hold my camera I'm essentially drooling over it like a 5-year-old would not.

P.O. Box 14-5376, Beirut, Lebanon

P.O. Box 341503, Dubai, UAE

+971 50 458 0506